Leasing Agents show units to prospective renters typically by themselves.  This opens your leasing agents up to compromising situations where their personal safety could be at risk.  Here are some tips for keeping you safe on the job and being more cautious about potential risky situations.  

 Keep the doors to vacant units locked at all times

 By locking doors and windows to vacant units you will minimize the chance of squatters and homeless people from being in the unit. It also minimizes risk of damage to the unit.  If you notice broken glass or a tampered door, leave the unit as soon as possible or proceed with extra precautions and report it as soon as possible.

 Have a pre-screening and take a co-worker

If you have an office onsite have the prospective renter meet you at the office and have them complete a guest card and leave their driver’s license at the office while out of the tour.  If your office is not located onsite and you have to meet someone at a different location, ask for information about the person you will be meeting.  First and last name, phone number, what vehicle they will be driving and how many people will be meeting you.  If you get a bad feeling or have the suspicion that the person you are about to meet might have ulterior motives, take a co-worker or reschedule to a time when someone else can go.  

 Have protection and be trained in self-defense

Whether it be a gun, Taser, Mace, or defense training have something that will give you an upper edge if someone tries to attack you.  Check your state laws about carrying a weapon and be trained on how to use it.  Take self-defense classes so you can protect yourself in a physical confrontation.  Local police departments can offer these classes.  Get trained on how to avoid compromising situations and to be aware of potentially dangerous situations.  The internet has all kinds of suggestions about this.

Keep your cell phone with you

It’s important to have your phone with you at all times for all sorts of reasons.  Make sure your phone is charged and ready for use.  Have the office staff or police on speed dial so you do not have to mess with your phone to call for help.

Have a safe word with your office

If you are with someone and you start to get uncomfortable or you a bad feeling, you can make up an excuse to call someone back at the office.  Have a safe word(s) already established with the office staff.  Each word can have a different meaning and the office staff can then take the necessary steps in help.  

You can never take too many precautions when it comes to your safety.  Better safe than sorry.

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