Make Ready Manager Apartment Turnover Software

In our humble beginning, we got into property management because of a family member had purchased property and needed someone to manage it for him.  

We gradually picked up more and more properties from people who wanted to have a small investment property but didn’t want the headache of all that comes with it. That is how we started. Property management is not an easy job as we soon found out.  Even when you have grown to having a full maintenance crew and an office staff, time and organization seems to be in short supply. Timing especially to get work done in our rental units while they are vacant is especially crucial because we only had so much time to get it done.   

Our turnover process of preparing our rental units has evolved over the years. We first organized lease expirations and commencement dates on hand written spreadsheets with check box columns of tasks. Hand written or typed lists of apartments each person or vendor were generated and provided. We also used a calendar on the wall which didn’t last long. Our handwritten spreadsheet was then upgraded to a white marker board which decorated our manager’s office. It contained more details but still lacked the ease of use and efficient communication to our vendors and workers.

As our portfolio grew so did the apartment make ready board and the problems.  An Excel spreadsheet was used for a few years but it didn’t generate lists with details for our workers, didn’t keep a history of what was done from year to year and was a struggle to keep updated.  Units were accidentally deleted, work wasn’t communicated and we had painters trying to get into occupied apartments. The final straw was when we had new tenants come to pick up keys and their apartment was missed and hadn’t been touched.  We had to find a better way.

About that time we were in the market for a new property management software program. We purposefully looked to see if any program included a spreadsheet way to keep track of what we called make ready and found nothing, at least, what was affordable to us. We also couldn’t find anything would supplement our software program.

That’s when we pulled some resources and started the development of a program that not only would work for us but what we could sell to others in the property management industry because all of us turn apartments. We all have to prepare apartments after tenants move out and we all have to find a way to organize that work.   

Make Ready Manager has also evolved over the years. It used to be a stand-alone software program that was stored on your local office server. Now it is a powerful cloud-based program that can be accessed anywhere with internet connection and has a phone app which allows workers and staff to access their task lists anytime right from the palm of their hand.    

The overall goal was to save time and increase organization. After using the product for 10 years, we don’t see how any other way of turning apartments could be any more time efficient. Better communication alone has cut the time in half. We can send vendors a personalized report or they can see their schedule from their smartphone, but the best part is that they are able to mark it complete so we don’t have to.

Many property management software programs are developed, sold and supported by people who have never managed property and can’t relate to the things we do every day. Make Ready Manager was made by real property managers who use the program every day. We know what it is like in the real world to manage property and we have your back at least for helping you organize your turns.


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